Apr 20

Ford Makes New Low-Profile Police Lights

2016 Ford Police Intercepter

Ford continues to help improve police cars, this time by making their lights stealthier. The latest technology will allow cop cars to follow people without being noticed as easily.

This technology is the new interior visor lighting. The lighting will be installed on the popular Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. Already fairly stealthy, the lights will make it even less noticeable.

At first glance, the public reaction may be one of “oh no!” but the reasoning behind the change in lights is not to trick the public. The normal lights are simply bulky and take up a decent amount of room in the interior of the car.

Ford police marketing manager Stephen Tyler stated that “interior vision light bars are somewhat bulky and con obstruct the field of vision – especially for taller officers.” The new lights are low-profile and are placed where the top of the windshield connects to the headliner. This will dramatically improve driver visibility.

Existing Police Interceptor vehicles can still be outfitted with the new low-profile police lights. Ford can put in the new lights and then will put in a clear glass instead of the dark shade at the top of the windshield. This will allow the lights to shine through more effectively.

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